Preserving the environment one project at a time

Our organization's primary purpose is to create out of the box engineering solutions to everyday environmental problems in the local Capital Regional District of Victoria, British Columbia.

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One of our club's main goals is to give student hands-on engineering experience outside of their regular class work.

The flexible nature of our club allows us to focus on one small-scale project of varying scope (6-36 months per project). Our team works to innovate and develop proof-of-concept solutions that can foster innovative solutions to environmental problems.

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UVEEC: Where Greatness Unfolds, Beyond the Boundaries of Competition.

At UVEEC, we believe that greatness isn't solely defined by competitions and winning titles. While we may not be a traditional competition club, our passion for excellence remains unwavering. Our focus extends beyond the confines of rivalry, as we strive to cultivate an environment where every member can explore their potential, discover new horizons, and achieve personal growth.

2021 Engineering Showcase

Business Acumen Award

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